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I have a lab pack consisting of one large container holding several smaller lab ampules. If only one ampule in the container is over the VOC threshold by which it would be subject to the air emissions standards in 40 CFR 265 Subpart CC, is the whole conta

A container with a design capacity for less than or equal to 0.1m3 is not the subject to the Subpart CC air emissions standards. 

Small quantities of waste in containers do not pose an imminent emission hazard to public health or the environment and container air emission controls are not physically practical for activities such as lab packing and emptying of sample vials into an accumulation container. Lab packs used for combination packagings as specified in 49 CFR 173.12(b) are exempt from Subpart CC. 

Containers with a design capacity less than  0.1m3 are expempt from all container control requirements regardless of the volatile organic concentration fo the waste managed in the container.  Containers used for lab packing commonly have capacities smaller than this size cutoff and, consequently, in most cases the control requirements of the Subpart CC standards would not apply. 

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