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How does RCRA regulate importers of hazardous waste?

Any person who imports hazardous waste from a foreign country into the United States must comply with the hazardous waste generator requirements in Part 262 including the special requirements of Part 262, Subpart F (§262.60(a)).  However, importers are not allowed to accumulate hazardous waste under §262.34.  The accumulation time provisions in §262.34 apply only to generator accumulation on-site and do not apply to importers of hazardous waste (Monthly Call Center Report Question; August 1992 (RCRA Online 13554)).

Additional guidance regarding RCRA regulation of hazardous waste importers is available in the following documents:

Monthly Call Center Report Question; January 1995 (RCRA Online 13725)
Memo, Shapiro to Ouellete; March 22, 1994 (RCRA Online 11820) [PDF 9K]

Further information regarding the import of hazardous waste is available at the following URL:

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