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How will the 'comparable fuels' rule that EPA promulgated in June 1998 affect sources as they comply with these new Hazardous Waste Combustion Emission Standards?

The Agency has promulgated an exclusion from the hazardous waste program known as the "comparable fuels exclusion." This exclusion says a hazardous waste will be excluded from RCRA regulation if: (1) it has the same characteristics as a fossil fuel, and (2) the waste is going to be burned. 
This "comparable fuels" approach takes into account the common sense practices already being used to manage fuel materials. The Agency thinks that the same regulations governing fossil fuels (for example, Department of Transportation shipping regulations) should be applied, but not the full suite of hazardous waste regulations. This exclusion is part of the overall effort to sharpen the regulatory focus of RCRA to those hazardous materials that truly deserve close oversight.

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