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What does “other systems and other types of vessels” mean in SW-846 Method 3546 Section 1.1?

Method 3546 Section 1.1 states, “Other systems and other types of vessels may be used, provided that the analyst demonstrates appropriate performance for the specific application.”

What does “other systems and other types of vessels” mean? Does it mean other microwave systems or any other heating system?


The method is specific regarding the use of microwave energy as a heating source using closed vessels at high temperature and pressure (i.e., 100-115 °C and 50-175 psi) to facilitate solvent extraction. So long as the general approach incorporates these specifications, selection of the microwave unit and vessels is left to the user. Other heating systems, like block heaters which do not utilize microwave energy, are not described in the method and should not reference 3546 or claim equivalency to 3546.

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