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When EPA releases new updates to SW-846, and a general method is updated, are all methods in that series impacted by the update?

When the EPA releases new updates to SW-846, and a general method, for example Method 8000, is updated, in this case to 8000D, are all 8000 series methods impacted by the update? For example, is Method 8260C affected by changes presented in 8000D?  Can Method 8260C be used in conjunction with 8000D?


Method 8000D (the current version in Update V) is a general guidance method. Other general methods in SW-846 are 3500, 3600, 5000, and 7000. These methods represent the most up-to-date guidance on general techniques such as chromatography and sample preparation in SW-846.  The determinative methods (such as Method 8260C) are much more specific in their requirements and the determinative method's criteria supersede any general guidance found in 8000D or Chapter 1, if specific conflicts exist. 

The older, published methods (such as 8260B and 8000C) are still valid choices and may still be followed by those with a need to do so.  We recommend using the newest version of any SW-846 method, unless your regulator or customer require you to use an earlier version.


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