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Extraction fluids for SW-846 Method 1312 (SPLP) analyses of samples that may contain cyanide.

According to Method 1312, Section 5.4.3, extraction fluid #3 is used to determine cyanide. Also, Section states for cyanide containing wastes and/or soils, extraction fluid #3 must be used because leaching of cyanide containing samples under acidic conditions may result in the formation of hydrogen cyanide gas. How is this to be interpreted when analyzing both cyanide and metals on an SPLP extraction? Is fluid #3 to be used for all SPLP analyses which may contain cyanide, or is one extraction done with fluid #3 for cyanide and another extraction with the appropriate fluid for metals?


Section 5.4 of Method 1312 indicates that Extraction fluid #3 is to be used for cyanide and volatiles. Extraction fluid #1 and #2 are supposed to be used for other analytes: Extraction fluid #1 for sites east of the Mississippi River and #2 for sites west of the Mississippi River. Therefore, if metals and cyanide analyses are needed, two separate sample aliquots would be extracted with two different fluids.

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