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How can I find a list of current SW-846 test methods?

How can I find a list of current SW-846 test methods?


The simplest way to find the current finalized version of a method is to consult the on-line version of SW-846:  

SW-846 Online contains the current finalized SW-846 methods that the regulated community must use to comply with any regulations requiring the use of specific finalized SW-846 methods. 

Another way to determine the most current version of an SW-846 method is to consult the Methods Status Table:  This table shows the chronological progression of new and revised methods in SW-846 by: listing each method in numerical order, showing in which update to the Third Edition the method appeared, providing the method title, and listing the most recent version.

It is usually best to use the most up-to-date version of a method. Although the validated methods are not officially incorporated into SW-846, they have gone through an extensive review process and are recommended for use whenever possible. However, certain state regulations may restrict which versions of methods can be used so you should check with your state or EPA Regional office to confirm which version of a method to use.

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