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Acceptable extraction container construction for SW-846 Methods 1311 (TCLP) and 1312 (SPLP).

Both Methods 1311 (TCLP) and 1312 (SPLP) contain the following passage for acceptable extraction container construction.

“It is recommended that borosilicate glass bottles be used instead of other types of glass, especially when inorganics are of concern.”

If another container type was used, but the blanks are acceptable, what would the concerns be?


The recommendation for borosilicate glass in Methods 1311 and 1312 is based on potential leaching of inorganic species from other types of glass. Borosilicate glass causes fewer problems. Keep in mind that this is only a recommendation and use of borosilicate glass is not mandatory. If other types of glass bottles are providing acceptable blanks for the parameters being monitored, then they are acceptable to use. However, extra diligence is needed regarding blanks when using non-borosilicate glass bottles.

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