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What is the current process to promulgate SW-846 test methods?

I understand the process has changed in promulgating SW-846 test methods. How are they promulgated?  When are they finally approved for use?


Currently, many RCRA regulations specifically require the use of SW-846 methods.  Methods are added to the SW-846 methods compendium by two ways. Required methods are added to SW-846 through a formal rulemaking process, in which the Agency follows the Action Development Process (ADP), through which the agency seeks notice and comment.  After the comments are reviewed, the required method may be revised, based on public comment. Then Agency will finalized the methods with a Final rule after the designated comment period. Only after a final rule is published are methods approved for use by the regulated community in order to comply with RCRA regulations requiring the use of finalized SW-846 methods. States may choose to adopt the required method(s).

For all other methods considered guidance, updates to SW-846 are announced through a Notice of Availability (NOA).  These validated methods are made available to the public for comment. After comments are evaluated, the agency will revise the method update appropriately. Once the methods are finalized, the update is incorporated into the SW-846 method compendium.

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